Battery Safety

Geoff and I attended the MASA meeting this month and we were reminded of the importance of battery safety.  Apparently there has been an incident with a MASA member who has had a “battery explosion incident” that resulted in significant property damage.


Will a battery bag keep you safe if a battery goes off?  The video above used a 6S battery with a nail driven through it.



I personally started out with a LiPo bag, which is definitely better than a Woolies bag, but I wasn’t comfortable with it and bought the BatBox (available at ModelFlight) that is mentioned in the second video.

I found this next video which list the 10 worst things you can do to a LiPo battery.

  1. Charging batteries incorrectly or with a cheap charger
  2. Disposing charged batteries in the bin
  3. Keeping puffy and damaged batteries
  4. Storing batteries fully charged for long periods
  5. Setting Lipo cut-off too low
  6. Charging batteries in a flammable area too close to each other
  7. Buying only one battery
  8. Not buying enough C rating for your application
  9. Not letting the battery cool down
  10. Not balance charging

And I’ll add one more mistake you can make that I noticed after watching the first two videos – never drive a nail into your batteries!  Lipo batteries can be handled safely, just like petrol can be handled safely, but if you get careless you can have a big problem on your hands.





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