Incident Reporting

When do I have to fill in a HMAC Incident Report?
Whenever your plane lands/crashes anywhere outside the red border, as shown on the map below, you must complete an Incident Report. (The green area is the fenced area).


But there was no damage. It doesn’t matter, you must still submit a Club Incident Report to the Secretary as soon as possible following the incident. Furthermore, all incidents involving damage to property (other than the model itself) or injury to persons must be reported to a Committee member, and the relevant MAAA forms completed. Links to these forms are provided below.

What’s the point? Crashing on to our field happens to us all. But a crash outside our flying area is usually NOT due to pilot error and we’d like to know what happened, so that we can advise members in order to prevent more incidents/accidents. For example, last winter 2 models disappeared in fog that formed much faster than anticipated. We now advise members to avoid flying if there’s any sign of fog in the area. Recently the rubber bands securing the wing on a large trainer failed. It’s therefore wise to check the state of elastic bands regularly and replace them if they show signs of deterioration.

Bottom line: A model that crashes on to the road and causes a motor car accident could lose us the field. If your plane crashes outside the designated flying area, we need to know why.
Andy Hollitt, CFI

Club Incident Report Form
MAAA Incident Form
MAAA Incident Investigation Form

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