PAST Social Meeting 2 July – Pylon Racing!

This meeting has already happened but this post is being left online for historical purposes. Thanks to all the Pylon Racers who attended and everyone else who came out to the meeting. There was enough interest that we will schedule a time for people to come out and have a go at pylon racing, even if you don’t have a pylon racing plane. If you are interested in learning more please come out to the field any first Sunday of the month. The pylon racers are the ones flying after LIFT lessons. Look for the planes that are going fast or turning left!

On Friday 2 July we will have our regular monthly meeting at 7:30. The pylon racers are going to be coming out to show us some new planes and to encourage everyone to have a go at Pylon Racing. I’m told that anyone who can fly mostly level and can turn left can do it. People come from other clubs to join us every month so let’s turn out ourselves to support this group and see if some of us are up for the challenge. I’ve already committed to building a plane but there might be some ARF options discussed at the meeting too.

As always, bring your project and stories as there will be time for general discussions too. Hope to see you there!


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