Happy New Year 2021!

Bob Harvey's Spitfire

Happy New Year everyone!  We are all hoping this year will be easier than the last but we have learned we can get through a lot and we will fly when we can.  I was out on 2 January for my first flight of the year and despite the forecast of strong winds it was quite calm and enjoyable.

Two of our newest members were out early too with a new plane and an old plane.  Anthony May was out practicing with a Boomerang and Bob Harvey, a new member but experienced pilot from NSW was out with a couple of his warbirds.  The Spitfire was built from a kit years ago but had just come out of the moving container.  I expect we will be seeing both Anthony and Bob a lot at the field this year.

This month I hope to kick off “mini-meetings” bringing smaller COVID-Safe groups of people together for special interest presentations.  Let’s hope we can stay well and get back to regular club meetings too soon.


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