Grant Application in Progress

Our Club has applied for a grant from the SA Government ‘Fund My Community’ scheme.

We have applied for funding to replace the old clubroom and tractor shed with a new Amenities and Storage Shed. The new shed will include a new disability toilet, BBQ servery area , extra storage space and a space for the tractor.

The ‘Fund My Community’ scheme is targeted at improving the well-being of disadvantaged and older Australians. We have based our application on the fact that 57% of our members are 60 or older and 22 of our members are pensioners. The restrictive nature of the web application means that this does not come out clearly on the outline of our project on their website. However, our application has been assessed as meeting the program’s eligibility criteria and has been put forward for community consultation. The next stage of the process is to put all the applications out for community comment and assessment.

The committee is asking all members to log on to the ‘Fund My Community’ web site and participate in this process. If you can gather support from friends and family that would be great as well. The process is a little involved but the potential benefits are great.

Details of all the projects can be found at the Fund My Community website at:
The title of our project is “Amenities and Storage Shed”.

Information about how to participate in the community comment can be found at:

Ideally we would like members to take the time to submit a plan. But whether you s’bmit a plan or just a comment you must register with the Fund My Community website at:

We urge all members to do this. As we are at the moment ineligible for Department of Recreation and Sports grants this is one of the few sources of large grants for which we are eligible.

Let’s give it a good shot!

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