Engine Reviews


As something of an engine nut (my trade after all was an Aircraft Engine Fitter in the RAAF) I’ve decided to do the occasional review of a few engines. These reviews won’t generally be what’s done in magazines so there won’t be the familiar “rainbow hues of machining” or “no pinholes or casting flaws were evident” repeated ad nauseum. What will be included though are specifications that generally never get a mention because I have a habit of stripping down any engine I lay my hands on and measuring things like port timings and compression ratios to build up a data base for comparison purposes.

I might add that if anyone does a similar review then I’m more than happy to include it here, especially if it’s an unusual engine.

Brian Hampton 


Norvel AX-40

Enya 61 CXLRS

Enya 60-IIIB

Enya 25SS Diesel

Stas’s 42RE








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