Instructor Roster


Instructor Roster for June - July
MAY 28Peter RobertsonKingsley NeumannTed Carter
JUN 4Max ThomasJohn JeffersonGeoff Haynes
JUN 11Peter RobertsonKingsley NeumannTed Carter
JUN 18Max ThomasJohn JeffersonGeoff Haynes
JUN 25Peter RobertsonKingsley NeumannTed Carter
JUL 2Max ThomasJohn JeffersonGeoff Haynes
JUL 9Peter RobertsonKingsley NeumannTed Carter
JUL 16Max ThomasJohn JeffersonGeoff Haynes
JUL 23Peter RobertsonKingsley NeumannTed Carter
JUL 30Max ThomasJohn JeffersonGeoff Haynes


Telephone numbers of rostered instructors
Kingsley NeumannBlackwood8278 1884
John JeffersonCroydon Park0408 577 662


We are fortunate in having so many rated instructors and our thanks go to those keen instructors who turn up even when they are not rostered on. Advanced Flying Training is available on request, so if you want to brush up your flying for a Wings test, please arrange a session with one of the Instructors. There are still a number of “Solo Only” flyers out there who could easily qualify for the Bronze or Silver Wings.

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