Membership Fees


Membership Fees for 2017-18 have been set at:-

MASA Fee$28.00$28.00$14.00N/A
MAAA Fee$60.00$60.00$30.00N/A
HMAC Fee$215.00$185.00$45.00$10.00

Current members must pay the above fees no later than June 30, 2017 to maintain MAAA insurance cover, otherwise you are not permitted to fly.

If you require the HMAC newsletters by post, there is an additional annual charge of $10.00

For NEW members there is an additional joining fee of $100.00 for Seniors and Pensioners. There is no joining fee for Juniors or Social members.


  1. The joining fee is $100 maximum for the whole family**.   For example,
    if a Senior joins ($100), and later his 19-year-old son joins, then there is no joining fee for the son.
  2. A Junior is under 18.  He is classed as a junior for the whole year (1 July to 30 June) in which he turns 18, even if that was as early as 1st July.
  3. An ex-HMAC Member who is renewing his lapsed membership does not have to pay another joining fee.
  4. Any wings or ratings are forfeited after 3 years of non-affiliation with MAAA.
  5. Payment of fees can be made by cheque, or direct deposit to our bank:
    BSB: 735-212 (Westpac), Acct no: 556059
    If paying by direct deposit, please notify our treasurer of the transaction to simplify reconciliation:
    Cheques can be mailed to: HMAC, PO Box 94 O’Halloran Hill SA 5158

** Family members must reside in the same household to qualify for the capped joining fee

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